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The Light Workers

In 2018, Evan Woodward and Anne Luna formed The Light Workers, a band envisioned by Evan since his time recording in Austin in 2015. Their goal is to be a positive force in the universe through music, storytelling and conveying the complexities of life through song.  Working remotely, Evan and Anne wrote and structured the tunes on their self-titled debut EP. Their determination to write and record beautiful music even in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic saw them rehearse just ONCE in 2020 before they cut their debut album in May of 2020 over three days with legendary engineer Ken Riley at Rio Grande Studios in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

“Peppermint”, written by Anne and her Hard Road Trio bandmate Steve Smith, is the first single released by The Light Workers. When Evan first heard the demo he (now very proudly) insisted the song be worked up and recorded.  Lyrics with strong imagery, sincere vocals and swelling cello undercurrents take you into to “movie” of the song. Evan’s multi-layered guitars and especially his melodies underneath the chorus make the song stand on firm artistic ground. Fair warning: with a more pop beat, and a catchy chorus line, this tune is an ear worm!

The album features Evan’s original songs “The Tiny Blue Mountains” and “Free Ride (For Jerry).” “Tiny Blue” evokes memories of love and longing under a canopy of stars while “Free Ride” reminisces about the last trip made with a friend before his tragic untimely passing. Anne’s beautiful, moody ode to her man on “Jeremy” rounds out the original material.  The record closes with a stunning cover of Neil Young’s cult classic, “Albuquerque.”  The Light Workers perform this song at almost every show in Albuquerque to blank stares of surprise as most folks even in the song’s namesake are not familiar with the tune.  Woodward’s vocals are something right out of a method acting seminar as he nails the take and intersperses lovely harmonica parts.  The Light Workers version also features gushy pedal steel courtesy of Dave Devlin. 

The Light Workers debut album is available on Bandcamp and every major streaming service July 10, 2020.

Anne Luna

Elegant Groove Machine

(Bass, Cello, Vocals, Songwriting)

While that things biggern she is,” Anne Luna makes playing the bass look easy.  Having the good fortune of being raised in a musical family, Anne has been toting her bass to jams, festivals, and gigs for over half her life. Harmonizing in her mothers lap before attending school, playing bar gigs before she was of legal drinking age, touring before she could rent a car, Anne had gigs nearly immediately upon picking up the double bass.

Annes bass playing has been described as graceful and elegant, yet precise and hard driving. As a songwriter and vocalist, her clear, unique voice both stands on its own and rounds out harmony work. Her songs have been nominated for two New Mexico Music Awards. As an accomplished, enthusiastic instructor, Annes energy and her easy-going manner create a welcoming learning environment for all of her students, whether in private lessons or at week-long music camps.

Anne has recorded with a number of distinguished musicians, including Alan Munde, Kenny Maines, and Amanda Shires. She has performed with The Spring Creek Bluegrass Band, Doctor Skoob and the Acoustic Groove, The April Verch Band, Joe Baxter and the Lost Cause, Steve Smith and Hard Road, The Hard Road Trio and Hot Foot Toby.

With The Light Workers, she gets to stretch past her bluegrass and acoustic roots as well as be featured more prominently as a vocalist and songwriter.

Evan Woodward

Creator of emotional soundscapes

(Guitar, harmonica, vocals, songwriting)

Lawyer by day, devoted doggie daddy, and band leader, Evan Woodward is making it happen when it comes to creating music and bringing people together. His classically trained, rich baritone voice immediately stands out to any listener. Pair that with his own heartfelt songwriting and you have a powerful combination for devastating your heart. “Deft fingerpicking”, slide guitar, sweet blues lines and classic rock licks make him a versatile guitarist.

No stranger to the stage, Evan performs solo as well as with The Light Workers, his latest group. Expect shows to feature a variety of influences from rock to blues, indie to folk.

Evan’s debut solo album, Ramblin’ on the Coast Highway, has over 21,000 plays on Spotify alone and has been featured on radio stations in New Mexico, Colorado, and Texas. The Album was produced by Bryan Ray, aka Lonely Child, a finalist for Producer of the Year in the Austin Chronicle in 2017. His latest project, The Light Workers self-titled debut, was recorded and produced by Ken Riley of Rio Grande Studios in Albuquerque. The studio is booked for his next solo album, “Epilogue”, in October 2020.


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...piercing imagery, sincere vocals, swelling cello undercurrents, and multi-layered guitars, [Peppermint] stands as a take-notice intro.